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Information about the Greek project partners


The Greek Institute of Labour (INE-GSEE) of the Federation of Trade Unions GSEE was founded in 1990 and maintains 13 regional, sectoral and industrial institutes throughout Greece.

The main focus of INE-GSEE's work

Research and preparation of studies related to topics in the context of economic and social policy, labor and employment. The interest of INE-GSEE is particularly focused on

  • the promotion of equal opportunities for all employed and unemployed people, as well as economically and socially disadvantaged
  • the strengthening of trade union work in reducing unemployment and developing appropriate strategies
  • the support of the unemployed in representing their interests in initiatives

Vocational education and training work and educational offers

  • Studies on educational theories and the Greek educational system
  • Further development of didactic methods
  • Development of educational/teaching material
  • Development of job profiles
  • Educational offers for disadvantaged target groups
  • Planning and implementation of seminars and personnel development offers for trade unionists at national and European level

Development and implementation of projects in the areas of:

  • Vocational training
  • Strengthening of socially and economically disadvantaged persons




KANEP represents the Greek General Confederation of Labour in the area of Education and Lifelong learning, promoting the agenda of trade unions which includes employment policies, policies for combating social exclusion, and reinforcement of trade union presence in society.
KANEP –through GSEE– institutionally participates to all national and regional bodies dealing with lifelong learning and employment both on policy and implementation level. Furthermore, a KANEP representative participates in the EQF Advisory Group and also in relevant committees concerning NQF in Greece.

KANEP has significant experience in EU funded projects through lifelong learning program (Structural funds) where it implements an academy for unionists  and a project for promoting best practice examples of lifelong learning all around Europe to the educational community.
KANEP implements two Leonardo projects one for developing e-learning tools for trade unions’ education and another one in cooperation with TUC for exchanges of trainers and trainers of trade union education.  

Contact person for cooperation with Greece

Astrid Gloystein

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Schimmelbuschstraße 55
40699 Erkrath, Deutschland