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Bilateral activities

Together with trade unions from Greece, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Slovakia, Costa Rica and South Africa, the Unions4VET project works for better quality in VET (Vocational Education & Training). Information on the partner trade unions and on joint activities can be found here.

Study visit of Italian trade unionists from the Veneto region

From 25 - 29 June 2018, a delegation of the trade union CISL Veneto from the Italian region Veneto visited Berlin for a study visit in the framework of the Unions4VET project.

The aim of the visit was to learn about innovations and developments in the digitisation of work. The biographies of employees are increasingly marked by changes in professional activities and changes of their work. This is often accompanied by longer periods of learning and training, retraining and phases of unemployment. Models and approaches developed and implemented by companies, trade unions and actors in vocational training and integration to meet these challenges were presented during the study visit.

The delegation was able to gain an impression of the German vocational training system and in particular of the dual training system. Vocational education and training in the Veneto region is to be further strengthened and promoted in the coming years. The social partners are also involved in the development and implementation of quality criteria for good vocational education and training. The study visit provided the delegation with numerous important ideas, for example:

  • Vocational training is a necessary condition for employability and competitiveness.
  • Participation and cooperation of social partners and actors at all levels and in all key areas of VET in order to develop vocational training with broad consensus and acceptance.
  • Vocational education and training should be practical, of high quality and standardised and be geared to the current needs of companies.
  • The value of learning during the work process must be taken into account.
  • Trainers must be qualified.
  • Aacquired skills and competences must be certified.

The European Quality Framework for good VET, developed by the European Trade Unions Confederation (ETUC), was also presented during the study visit. This should now be involved by the trade unions in the preparation of the forthcoming negotiations in Veneto. The companies visited also presented possibilities for integrating refugees through vocational education and training.

The study visit was conducted by the German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB) and the bfw - Unternehmen für Bildung in cooperation with CISL Veneto and the training institution ANAPIA REGIONALE DEL VENETO - Ente Di Formazione Professionale.

Please download the program here.

Presentation of the Chamber of Crafts.

German-Italian Dialogue on VET in the framework of the project Unions4VET - Study visits in April and May 2018

Within the framework of the Unions4VET project, exchange study visits by trade union representatives to Italy and Germany took place in April and May 2018. These were organised by the German Trade Union Federation (DGB) and the bfw - Unternehmen für Bildung.

From 16. to 19. April, a delegation from Germany visited companies and training centers in the Italian regions Piedmont and the Tuscany. The German delegation consisted of representatives of the trade unions and works councils who are engaged in the vocational education and training. They visited vocational schools and training centers, among others of the hotel sector. In addition, various companies have been visited, including the state-owned energy company ENEL, whose training project was awarded by the European Alliance for Training. Together with the Italian trade unions CGIL, CISL, UIL and other stakeholders in vocational education and training, an exchange took place about the different VET systems and ways to improve VET, discussing how to enable a high-quality vocational training to young people.

From 06. to 09. May an Italian delegation of trade union representatives visited Germany. Trade unionists and works councillors of CISL, CGIL and UIL from the Italian regions of Tuscany and Piedmont visited companies and training centers in Cologne, Frankfurt on the Main and other cities in Hesse. Among them were the companies Deutz AG and Pfungstädter Privatbrauerei. Furthermore, an inter-company training center has been visited in Weiterstadt and a discussion with young people who will be trained as roofers or painters was possible.

Thomas Giessler of the DGB and Sara Julia Blöchle of GOVET (BIBB) presented the system of vocational education and training in Germany and discussed its strength and weaknesses together with the Italian colleagues. Representatives of employees, employers and vocational schools who engage in the Vocational Education and Training Committee of the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce presented their joint work and gave an insight into the cooperation in this committee, which manages vocational education and training at local Level.

Materials of the study visit to view and download

"Dual education system: experiences in comparison" German-Italian conference on 23rd and 24th May 2017 in Turin

A German-Italian conference was arranged under Unions4VET in May 2017. This was oriented to a trade union exchange of experiences concerning learning on-the-job during vocational education and training. Representatives from the Italian trade unions CGIL, CISL and UIL from the Piemont, Tuscany and Lombardy regions and representatives from the DGB, bfw and the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH) took part in the conference.
The conference had two main topics. Firstly, the trade unionists from the different regions exchanged views on implementing vocational education and training reforms in Piemont, Tuscany and Lombardy. Secondly, the participants discussed ways of better involving the trade unions in controlling VET. Meanwhile, representatives from the DGB and the ZDH presented experiences made with social partners’ control of vocational education and training in Germany.


"Tariff negotiations in vocational education and training in Piemont" pilot project

Pilot negotiations to arrange apprenticeships were held with undertakings in the region in the course of a Unions4VET project. As a first step, a 2-day training course for 8 representatives each from the trade unions CGIL, CISL and UIL was held with this goal in June 2016 in Turin. The further training course consisted of 4 modules with the following contents:

  1. Development of training programs focused on competencies
  2. Apprenticeship training and alternating between school - company; legislation and practice
  3. The role of institutions (school and region) and the Union
  4. Experiences of collective bargaining negotiations (Italy, Piedmont, Germany)

The training course taught the participants how to conduct independent tariff negotiations with undertakings. Appropriate undertakings are currently being selected and the procedure is being planned. 

"Learning while working – working while learning: apprentice training and the dual education system" German-Italian conference on 30th October 2015 in Turin

A 1-day conference was held in October 2015 under Unions4VET to exchange experiences and perspectives in apprenticeships.

Representatives of the trade unions CGIL, CISL and UIL from the Piemont region, representatives of DGB and bfw and actors from the relevant ministries, school authorities and employer associations took part in the conference.

The programme of the conference can be downloaded here.

Workshop for planning joint activities on 15th September 2015

On 15 September 2015 CISL, CGIL and UIL representatives as well as those of union-affiliated education and training institutions came together for an internal workshop to discuss the future approach to cooperation with the project.

The particular focus here was on vocational education and training dialogue and on the role of trade unions in the region of Piedmont.

It was decided to hold a conference at the end of the following month involving trade unions, social partners, ministries, project coordinators and other relevant stakeholders to analyse the issue more closely and to formulate proposals for improvement. 

Network meeting in Turin

The first network meeting with the CISL, CGIL and UIL - the three most important unions in the region of Piedmont - took place on 6 July 2015.

Following the introduction of the project and the discussion of the project plan, the Italian unions decided to hold an internal workshop in the middle of September to identify potential pilot projects.

The cooperation discussions were completed the following day at the meeting in IRES, a well-known research institute in the region of Turin.