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Together with trade unions from Greece, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Slovakia, Costa Rica and South Africa, the Unions4VET project works for better quality in VET (Vocational Education & Training). Information on the partner trade unions and on joint activities can be found here.

CGTP - Confederação Geral dos Trabalhadores Portugueses

Confederação Geral dos Trabalhadores Portugueses — Intersindical Nacional (CGTP-IN), also known as CGTP or Intersindical, is a portuguese federation of trade unions. In 1970 it was founded as an informal organization. After the Revolution in 1974 it got the oficial status. 

THE CGTP is associated with the communist Party and it is considered as the largest federation of trade unions in Portugal. It has more than 600.000 members and 80 member unions, mainly from the industrial and the public sector.

UGT - União Geral de Trabalhadores

After the Carnations’ Revolution - the 25th of April – the trade union movement reorganises itself and tries to reinforce its participation. The arrangements for a Congress began and its organisation should reflect a democratic and fraternal trade union movement capable of representing all the different trade union trends. The different trade union trends fought during the whole year of 1976 for the democratic organisation of the Congress of all Trade Unions and constituted an Autonomous Movement of Trade Union Action named “Open Letter”. This Movement got great support from the Portuguese workers and finally on 28th and 29th October 1978, 42 trade union organisations, the majority of which affiliated in CGTP-IN, founded UGT (União Geral dos Trabalhadores – General Union of Workers).
UGT was the first social partner to greet Portugal for joining the European Union (former EEC) and to privilege the social dialogue’s institutionalisation (creation of the Economic and Social Committee) at national and European levels, as a fundamental tool of development and citizenship for the organisation of a more equal and democratic society and the valorisation of the social partners’ role, namely the trade unions.
UGT-P actually represents 51 unions of diverse sectors of activity, 20 regional trade union, and 7 sectorial federations, covering about 450.000 members.

Contact person for cooperation with Portugal

Thomas Giessler

DGB Bundesvorstand
Henriette-Herz-Platz 2
10178 Berlin, Deutschland 

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