Unions4VET Projektpartner

Joint activities

Together with trade unions from Greece, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Slovakia, Costa Rica and South Africa, the Unions4VET project works for better quality in VET (Vocational Education & Training). Information on the partner trade unions and on joint activities can be found here.

German-Portuguese workshop on 19th October 2015 in Lisbon

A joint workshop was held on 19th October 2015 in Lisbon, at which representatives of the trade unions CGTP-IN, UGT and DGB, the bfw and the institutes of vocational education and training ANQEP and ANESPO took part. The objectives of the event were to exchange views on trade union positions with regard to vocational education and training and to discuss ideas for potential, joint projects under the auspices of Unions4VET.


German-Portuguese network meeting on 22nd June 2015 in Lisbon

The first network meeting with the two trade unions UGT and CGTP-IN was held on 22nd June 2015 in Lisbon, at which cooperation in the Unions4VET project was discussed and agreed.