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Joint activities

Together with trade unions from Greece, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Slovakia, Costa Rica and South Africa, the Unions4VET project works for better quality in VET (Vocational Education & Training). Information on the partner trade unions and on joint activities can be found here.

Measures to improve the quality of VET - Slovak-German workshop on 5th June 2018 in Bratislava

In the framework of the Unions4VET project a joint workshop with about 30 participants in Bratislava was carried out by the German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB) and the bfw - Unternehmen für Bildung together with the project partner, the Slovak trade union OZPŠaV.

Representatives from the trade union, ministries, educational institutions, employers and other stakeholders in vocational education and training took part. Experts from the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) and k.o.s GmbH, the quality coordination office of DEQA-VET, presented measures and instruments for improving the quality of VET.  A representative of the Industrial Union for Construction, Agriculture and the Environment (IG BAU) gave impulses for quality assurance of practical implementation in companies and presented the possibilities for trade union control.

The standards and criteria developed by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) as a basis for good training were presented and the relevance with regard to quality assurance discussed. Furthermore, the development following the Slovakian amendment to the VET act has been critically reflected have been discussed intensively.

The technical contributions among the participants were intensively discussed and examined with a view to practical implementation in Slovakia.

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Meeting with representatives of VW Slovakia


On 5 October 2016, a meeting took place with the works councils and personnel development of the Volkswagen Group in Bratislava. The implementation of the VET Charter in the Volkswagen Group was discussed and attempts were made to identify potential synergistic effects between the project and the newly established dual academy.

German-Slovakian network meeting on 16th February 2016 in Bratislava

The first network meeting with trade unionists and actors from educational institutes and training agencies was held on 16/02/2016 in Bratislava to agree potential pilot projects in Slovakia.